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All Rights Reserved. All firearms have a certain amount of recoil, and many shooting activities take place outdoors where wind, sun and dust also can lead to eye and vision problems. Shotguns and rifles are held on the shoulder, while handguns are no more than an arm’s length away.

These different shooting activities occur in close proximity to the face, which means you should take every precaution to shield your eyes from harm. Good eye protection makes sense and often is required during organized matches or while shooting on a range. Some rangemasters allow shooters to wear any kind of eyewear they like, but sometimes certain safety standards are required.

Wiley X Boss shooting glasses have a variety of lens color options, including clear. Shown are Venice gold mirror polarized lenses, designed for sunny conditions, in shatterproof polycarbonate. The frame can accept prescription lenses as well. Generic, contoured nonprescription sports goggles are acceptable if you don’t require vision correction or if you wear contact lenses.

These goggles have a slight wrap around the face and keep out wind and dust. If you need prescription shooting glasses in order to see clearly, or if you simply want to use the best shooting eyewear available, shooting glasses in styles similar to aviator sunglasses tend to be popular.

Eyewear designed for shooters, however, has a few more features to make you more comfortable while using a firearm:The frame styles generally have a “sweat bar” that runs the width of the frame above the lenses to add stability to the frame for a secure fit.

The frames also are made in a rounded shape, to avoid sharp corners that could jab your face. Some brands have special padding on the frame around the eyes. The padding cushions the frame against your face in case the gun recoils too far. This list will give you a choice between aluminum, magnesium, and polymer.

Manufacturers are continually researching better materials both in the body and the glass. Is price important?That’s an obvious question, but very important. If you know your exact budget and do not want, or cannot spend a cent more, then your choice will be easier to make.

You just need to compare the specifications of the scopes in that range. WarrantiesEven some of the less expensive items on our list carry full Unlimited Lifetime Warranties. This is a good sign as to how much confidence the manufacturer has in their product and that they will make returns on faulty products.