And Still Built Like A Tank

That is sufficient to fill a typical daytime eye pupil, making these binoculars better suited to daytime than night-time use. Fast forward to a couple months ago, I got bit by the LVPO bug again. My purpose for switching was that I’m a police officer and this was going on my work rifle which is a 11. 5” SBR.

Not only is this the rifle I bring with me on patrol every shift, but I also serve as a member of my regional swat team. I wanted something that I could use in close for entries but also use on perimeter. The 3X magnifier while helpful just wasn’t cutting it for me.

So I went out and purchased both a lightly used razor 1-6 E and the Kahles K16i with the SM1 reticle. I wanted to compare them both side to side and make my decision that way. The razor is a great optic no doubt. High quality glass, good field of view, certainly more like a red dot if that’s what you’re looking for.

So the Kahles is just in a league of its own optically.

Super bright illumination and a better illumination dial in my opinion. And still built like a tank. Could certainly withstand more abuse. So the Kahles is just in a league of its own optically. Great glass and it super light. It is true what people say the razor is about 90% optically of the Kahles.

But that 10% just makes for such a better image in my opinion. If you watch garand thumbs video he makes a great point about flatness of the image that’s where the Kahles really shines over the vortex. On 1x the Kahles has a huge field of view and a totally flat image.

It’s like looking through a perfectly clear piece of glass. This is normal. You can install a filter in tank which will catch this sludge, allowing you to collect and reuse the detergent solution. Ultrasonic Lubrication ProcessOnce the cleaning is completed, it’s time for step two in the ultrasonic cleaning process – lubrication.

Since the gun has just been deeply and intricately cleaned, the unprotected bore and intricate workings inside the frame need some penetrating lubrication to protect the surface metal from rust. Fortunately, there is an ultrasonic solution to this issue: a lubrication solution. Ultrasonic lubricating solution not only oils all the gun’s parts but the ultrasonic action makes sure the oil evenly and thoroughly coats every surface.

To lubricate the gun, just pour the premixed blend of solvents and water-displacing oil straight into the tank so all parts are covered, and turn on the ultrasonic cleaner for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Once the gun is lubricated, drain the tank again (saving the lubricating solvent for reuse) and allow the parts to fully air-dry.

When the lubricating solution dries, it’s advisable to add additional lubricating oil on all high-use moving parts to prevent wear or damage. Although some may prefer the time investment and effort involved with cleaning their guns by hand, there is a faster and more effective alternative.