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Send More Kindles!

Last week I prepared 26 donated Kindles for shipment to U.S. military units in Afghanistan. As you can see from the photo, the first step is to plug in the Kindles to make sure they each begin the journey from Denver with a full charge. I make sure the wireless connection is turned off and the Kindle is deregistered, so it can be registered by the Soldier who will be using it once it arrives. I also load a PDF document with a greeting from E-Books for Troops, stating who donated the Kindle and, if a personal greeting was entered in the Donation Form, I include that greeting in the PDF as well.

At this point, we have just a few donated Kindles left to ship, so it would be a good time to fill out this form if you have a used Kindle that you would like to contribute. Once we receive the form, I will reply with information on how to send your Kindle to us.  We are not accepting original Kindles, because they are too fragile for the field. But if you have a Kindle 2 or 3 and you’ve got your eye on a Kindle Fire, Kindle 4, or Touch, we would be glad to find your current Kindle a new home! Our partner M-Edge Accessories generously donates a brand-new Latitude Jacket and an e-Luminator Touch Booklight for every Kindle we ship, new and old. Many supporters who donate Kindles also send us the cases for them, and I include them as backups for the new ones provided by M-Edge.

As I work on the Kindles in the safety and comfort of my home here in downtown Denver, I feel grateful for the courage and loyalty of the men and women who will be receiving them, a world away not just in geography or time zones. It is an honor to do this work with Ken Clark on your behalf. Thank you for your service, and please come home safe. If you are a supporter of E-Books for Troops through financial contributions or donated Kindles, thank you for making this endeavor possible!