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Is the Kindle Mightier than the Howitzer?

Probably not, but we loved the extra effort taken by members of Alpha Battery, 4-320 Field Artillery Regiment, 4th BCT, 101st Airborne Division, to show their appreciation for the 10 Kindle 2’s that we shipped to them earlier this year in Afghanistan.  Note how well the specially made camo jackets donated by M-Edge Accessories blend into the scene.

We especially appreciated the emails we received from the soldiers of Alpha Battery. SSG Travis Rice:

First off I would like to thank E-Books for Troops and Craig Seanor of League City, Texas, for donating these Kindles to myself and the soldiers. It is refreshing to know that there are people at home that do support what we do. It is very nice to be able to get all the books I love onto this little device and be able to deploy with them. Not having a rucksack full of books really lightens the load! Not to mention I can get them instantly via the internet rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I look forward to having this for my future deployments as well as at home.  Again thank you so much for your generosity and dedication to the Troops.

Note: Craig Seanor is one of the 10 EB4T supporters who sent us a used Kindle 2 that we forwarded to Alpha Battery.  We are still accepting used Kindle 2’s and 3’s for shipment to U.S. Troops stationed overseas. Click here for details.

Here’s another message, from PFC Manuel Gomez:

I am an American soldier who is currently on his first tour to Afghanistan.  I enjoy reading books in my free time, but sometimes have trouble having my books shipped from home due to weather. I’ve always wanted to try out a kindle but didn’t have the opportunity to purchase one out here. The Kindle has really made it easier to acquire the books I want. Some of the features like increasing font size and storing multiple types of reading material make reading easier and more enjoyable. The gift card you guys sent us really helps us get our reading experience started. Thank you for sending us the Kindles we really appreciate them.

And from Cpl Zachrey Jackson:

I would like to thank you for your donation of the Kindles for my unit.  I am an avid reader with quite a few E-books already stored on my computer. I have already started the research on how to move E-books from my computer to the Kindle. I like the fact that the user guide is located on the kindle, it allows the user to learn about the kindle while using the controls of the kindle. When I get back stateside, I plan on visiting the Kindle store the second I get a chance to. I am looking forward to browsing the wide variety of books that are located on the Kindle store. Maybe I just might find my next favorite author there. Thank you again for your donation, this Kindle will provide hours of reading enjoyment for this Soldier to, and from Afghanistan.

SPC O’Dell Douglas wrote:

I am an American soldier currently on my second tour in Afghanistan.  Reading some good books in my free time really helps to pass the time. I had seen the Kindle before but wasn’t for sure if I would like it or be able to figure it out. After receiving my Kindle from some really special folks back home, I really enjoy it and it’s not that hard to operate. The best thing I like about it is it’s compact. We don’t have big rooms so a lot of books tend to clutter your living area. I am able to put quite a few books on it and it takes up no more room than a notebook. Another great feature I like is it reads to me. Some days you’re tired but still want to read so I just pop in my head phones and relax. I really want to thank you for what you do. It’s great folks like yourself back home that really make a deployment that much easier. Thank you again!

SFC Matthew Castaldo was our coordinating officer for the Kindle distribution to his unit, and we’re grateful for his assistance.  Last October he described his unit as follows:  “Alpha Battery 4-320 Field Artillery Regiment belongs to the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Currahee), 101st Airborne Divsion, Fort Campbell, KY.  Currently our Battery is decentralized in over seven locations across Eastern Afghanistan.  Our mission is to provide close-supporting fires and artillery counter battery as required.  Many of our Soldiers are avid readers and use what little free time they have doing so.  There are few books available, and those that are, are dated or not of ideal subject matter.  The convenience of an e-book would definitely improve the quality of life for some of our Soldiers.”

Our thanks to SFC Castaldo and his team for sending us these memorable images of Kindles reporting for duty in Afghanistan! Click here to see the full gallery on our Facebook page.