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The Cougar Team Family Purrs with Appreciation for Kindles

On March 2, 2011, we shipped 10 donated Kindle 2’s from Denver to the CJ-4 NATO Weapons Escort Team in Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan. They arrived 15 days later and were distributed a week after that, coordinated by CPT Rachel Kinnas and SGT Jose Gutierrez.

Since then, we’ve received inspiring testimonials from the Soldiers who received the Kindles, including the photo above which came with the following note from the Cougar Team Family: “Thank you so much for your kindness and support of our troops. Your acts of charity will forever stay in our hearts and memory. These Kindles have boosted the moral of our troops immensely.”

Click here to see the full gallery of 11 photos and individual comments we received by e-mail from Camp Phoenix.  For example, SPC Nicholas Guerro wrote, “Thank you for the Kindle. It was hard to keep books in my bag while on mission because they all seem to get ruined but since I got the Kindle I have been able to download my books and take them in the truck.”  SSG Hoover Travis added, “Your generosity is great.  I especially think the ten dollar gift card was a good idea to get us started.  I already have about twenty books on mine.  Thank you very much.”

I’m glad that SSG Travis mentioned the $10 Amazon gift card which we include with each Kindle that we distribute.  E-Books for Troops receives individual donations in all amounts, but you can be sure that even a $10 donation will enable us to get a Soldier going with his or her first book purchased for Kindle reading.

I also received the following e-mail from PFC Steven Logan:

PFC Steven Logan

“Thank you so very much for the Kindles that you have sent to myself and the others in my platoon. For those of us in the platoon that enjoy reading this means so much. As you could imagine finding good literature to read while deployed is not a very easy task. However you have just granted me the opportunity to choose what type of material I want to read at the push of a button. No longer will I have to read books that I may not be interested in simply because someone else says it’s a good read. I truly look forward in being able to use it along our future journeys here in country. It is nice to know that people think about sending things to deployed troops that can further our knowledge in life, outside of the everyday box of snacks. So on behalf of myself and others who are in my platoon thanks again for thinking about us.”


Thanks to all of you who sent us your used Kindle 2’s.  This group of 10 included Kindles sent from all over the United States, from Los Angeles to Waltham, Massachusetts.  One of my favorite jobs in preparing shipments of the donated Kindles is sideloading them with personal messages which some of you include when you click on the Donate a Kindle button and fill out the Kindle for Troops Donation Form. Here’s an example of a message from a donor which a Soldier found on the home page of his Kindle: “A thank you (or a Kindle) never seems like enough.  I greatly appreciate your service to our wonderful country.  I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am to you for protecting our country and our future. Thank you for your service! Happy reading.”

As always, these Kindles were shipped with brand new protective Latitude jackets and e-Luminator lights donated by our valued partner, M-Edge Accessories.  The accessories contributed by M-Edge greatly enhance the usability and durability of the Kindles being used far from home or the local coffee shop.  Our sincere thanks go out to Patrick and Devon Mish and to Kira Caban at M-Edge for their support.