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Kindles Arrive in the Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan

We recently received great photos from Bravo Company, 1-66 Armor Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, based in Fort Hood TX and deployed to Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan. Click here to see all of them on the Facebook page. Here is how SGT Roger Bratton described this Army unit’s work in his original request:

We are away from our Base for 5-8 days at a time and do not have the means to bring books with us. We carry all of our supplies for the time we will be away with us and many times books get left behind due to the fact we just do not have room. The majority of our Soldiers enjoy reading very much. It relaxes them after their long days and brings them a little peace. I hope you can find a way to sponsor us. Thank you for your time and great program.

We want to thank 1SG Saul A. Castillo for the photos and for coordinating distribution of the Kindles.  He e-mailed us as follows:


On behalf of my Soldiers and I would like to thank you for the Kindles. My Soldiers were very happy and pleased to receive the ebooks. I appreciate your support and the joy you bring happiness to our Soldiers who are in harm’s way. I have attached pictures of the guys that received them and a couple that are on R&R that will get them when they come back. Thank you again.

This shipment of Kindles comprised used devices contributed by supporters of E-Books for Troops.  You can click here to learn details of that program.  When I ship the used Kindles to Soldiers, I include any personal messages which the donors have included in the donation forms.   So when the Kindles are fired up in places like the Arghandab Valley in Afghanistan they contain messages on the home screens like this one from a donor in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Thank you for serving our country.  The contributions you are making every single day are very much appreciated!  God Bless…

Our sentiments exactly.