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A Super Sunday for Book Lovers on Active Duty in Iraq

PFC Joshua Bohnen (CO), a Treatment Platoon trauma medic, reads his Kindle 2.

1SG Eric Cooper chose Super Bowl Sunday to distribute our 10 donated Kindle 2s to the soldiers in his Army medical company who began their deployment to Iraq in September. When 1SG Cooper requested the Kindles, he wrote: “These Kindles would be perfect for raising the morale as we begin our year long deployment.  We have several providers that could use these books for professional development and patient treatment.   Additionally, they can be shared with potential patients during their recovery.”

The photos which we received from 1SG Cooper of the soldiers enjoying their Kindles were simply terrific. I’ve highlighted one of them above, and you can see the rest at our Facebook page by clicking here.

1SG Cooper was thoughtful enough to e-mail a special thanks to Patrick Mish, the CEO of our valued partner, M-Edge Accessories, which donates camo jackets and lights for the used Kindles sent to us by supporters of E-Books for Troops.  1SG Cooper wrote in part to Patrick:

I would like to personally thank you for supporting my deployed Soldiers through programs like eBooks For Troops.  Len Egerly has recently  sent my company 10 refurbished Kindle 2.  Much to our surprise, he has coordinated with an extremely helpful employee of yours (Kira Caban) to make our care package even better.  We received digital pattern M-Edge covers, lights, and [an Amazon] dollar gift card for each Kindle.

I held a company formation on Super Bowl Sunday and passed them out to some very deserving Soldiers.  I explained to them the E-Book for Troops program and gave a pretty good plug for M-Edge.  Much to my surprise, your product is very popular with my Soldiers.  Some Soldiers have had your product since last deployment and are very happy with the lifespan/durability.  They said that your covers had saved their book reader on several occasions from sand, dropping on the ground, and stuffing them in assault bags.  My Soldiers liked the digital pattern covers since it matched their uniforms.

At the Facebook album, you’ll see that each of the soldiers named his or her Kindle and reported on a first book being read on it.  For example, PFC Bohnen (shown above) named his Kindle “Darius,” and he’s reading The Count of Monte Cristo.

We’ve received reports of two more Kindle shipments reaching their destinations in Afghanistan, after a month winter travel from Denver. I’ll have details and photos from those soldiers in the coming days.