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From Afghanistan, A Tale of Seven Kindles

USAF Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Corey Ramsby, at far right in photo above, is deployed in Afghanistan with Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, which is responsible for all U.S. detention operations in Afghanistan.  He and the others in the photo were among seven soldiers who last month received Kindle 2s donated by supporters of E-Books for Troops.  LTC Ramsby e-mailed us the following note:

We didn’t know we needed Kindles until we got them.  Now they are a very large part of helping us relax and unwind in our off-duty time. I am currently reading A Tale of Two Cities…a book I probably would have not read otherwise.  So, not only are you a great Patriot in supporting your country’s men and women in uniform but you’ve also opened our minds to some of the great authors and their classic works. We thank you for your service!  Very Warmest Regards, Corey Ramsby.

Our first word that LTC Ramsby had received one of our donated Kindles came from his wife, Tanja, who e-mailed the following on January 5th:

I just received a Skype call from my husband, who is currently deployed, and a recipient of a new Kindle reader from E-Books for Troops!!!  I wish I could have recorded the conversation so you could have heard the excitement in his voice…it was so nice to see the smile it brought to his face!!! However, the words he shared were even more exciting….”I guess it isn’t so bad to be out here sometimes….this is nice”!. He has been there for 11 months and has 1-4 more months to go before he will be coming home….it was so comforting to know that such a kind gesture could make him feel appreciated and somehow make it o.k. being away from home!!  The service members in his unit put in LONG hours and are making a difference in the outcome of this war….what an honor to have an organization like yours say “thank you” for what they do!  From a proud military wife, let me say “THANK YOU” to you for making a difference!!

We also heard from Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Quinn Harrington from CJIATF-435, via a message left here at the E-Books for Troops web site. He wrote, “I just wanted to send you all a heartfelt thank you for the Kindle! We just received them today and you guys are awesome!”

We owe First Lieutenant (1LT) Amanda Altman of the U.S. Air Force thanks for coordinating the testimonials from the task force after the Kindles arrived. “They have most definitely improved the quality of life for our troops and provided a very much appreciated comfort,” she e-mailed. And our special thanks goes to Sergeant (SGT) Ahmien A. Brooks, who made the initial request on behalf of his unit for the Kindles, and his commanding officer, Major (MAJ) William R. Mossler, both of the U.S. Army.

I’ll save one more message, from TSgt Jeff Bean, USAF, for a separate post.  His story will illustrate the impact your donated Kindle 2s or cash contributions can have not only in the lives of the soldiers deployed, but on their families back home.